We turn marketing into action by building a digital presence that continuously drives traffic, generates leads, and converts customers to create positive ROI.

It's time to make your marketing count, scale your business, and blow up your sales.








We know the position you are in and we know how to help.

Your customers drive your business. We listen to them, along with your business needs, to strategically tell your story online, build a community around your brand, and positively impact your bottom line.

Opinions don't matter. Outcomes do. Our data driven process tracks online customer interaction so we can continuously test and optimize our strategy, conversion rate, and revenue production.

Why go through all of this? Because your marketing budget should be spent as efficiently as possible.



Success online requires two things: communication & conversion. We specialize in both.


Our services are broken down into two main areas:

  • Branding - where we help companies & Business Executives tell their story and grow their audiences online.

  • E-Commerce & Lead Generation - where we help companies and brands convert their online audiences into paying customers.

If you want an agency that converts online attention into real value for your business, we're the one for you.

Brand Strategy

Content Production

Distribution & Engagement

Sales Funnel Implementation

Email Collection

Lead Generation

Web Store Setup

Paid Advertising

Email Marketing

Traffic Tracking & Analysis

Lifetime Value Optimization



Jake Thieneman

Founder & CEO

Preston Mantel

Founder & COO

Dave de la Paz

Digital Marketer


Digital Paradise was founded by bringing together Jake's personal branding and consulting experience from his time in the NFL and at Bain & Co., as well as Preston's data driven marketing and business development experience from his time at 84.51° (Kroger) and at Deloitte.


As a Purdue Football Captain, Jake developed an eye for top talent and an appreciation for their impact on the field. Digital Paradise has adopted that same focus.


By leveraging our experience, company culture, and quality client list, we only recruit the best because we only deliver the best for our clients.


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  • Work with a highly experienced and reliable team that will make you a priority

  • Blow up your personal brand and grow your community

  • Transform brick & mortar sales into high volume ecommerce revenue

  • Convert your current website into funnel format optimized for lead generation

  • Leverage analytics to understand website traffic and optimize conversion rates and increase average customer lifetime value



Area Manager

"Digital Paradise put us in the best position possible to communicate with both our clients and teams through graphical storytelling."

Bryan Egli

VP of Marketing

"Jake and Preston were able to see our mission, set out a roadmap, and execute milestones successfully without the need to be micro managed"

Jeff Chinn


"Digital Paradise built our brand from scratch in record time. But they didn't stop there. Each week, we hit a new milestone, getting our product sales up both in store and online."

Ken Thieneman

Chief Investment Officer

"I recommend Preston and Jake without hesitation! Great guys and great work. They built us a sales funnel and worked with our clients to promote our event."

Lloyd Easters

We only send quality content.

We promise.

At the outset of our journey, we had a guiding principle that people relate to stories. For you, we will document our stories, our trials and tribulations, our successes, failures, and innovations.

We want to share these with you to spread knowledge, motivation, tips & tricks, and sometimes just smiles.




Digital Paradise was founded on the premise that a compelling story distributed efficiently across the internet can change the world. We want to help small businesses, entrepreneurs, and athletes leverage that power for themselves.

Our founders, Jake and Preston, met at Purdue University in freshman year engineering. Jake was defensive captain of the Purdue Football Team. Preston was busy starting his first company. From there they split ways. After a working at Bain & Co., Jake went to San Fransisco to join the 49ers Practice Squad. That year he achieved what many dream of, a Super Bowl appearance.


Around the same time, Preston had left Deloitte Consulting to move across the country to Boston, where he would help his brother found 2 companies sequentially - First, a green tech robotics company called Watertower; Second, a non-profit building ventilators to fight the shortage caused by COVID-19 called The Ventilator Project.

The Ventilator Project is where Preston and Jake were reunited. Jake brought his personal branding experience from the NFL. Preston brought his entrepreneurial spirit supported by his knowledge of data driven marketing. Together, they would help fundraise over $100k by spreading The Ventilator Project's story. From there, they recognized something special and became what you see today, Digital Paradise. 



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